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Positive vision for sustainability

What does being sustainable mean?


- To formulate an inspirational vision of your company’s sustainability. To identify the objectives, values, supports, challenges and concrete actions that will help your company to match this vision.
- To find some reconciliation between immediate and long term goals.
- To learn how to connect with what lies beyond time. To discover new ways to manage the temporality of decisions.


Companies desiring to reflect on their durability.
Companies believing that decisions’ impact in the long term should also matter now.
Companies who are interested in building positive, shared and ambitious visions of sustainability that define the identity of the organization and its relationship to others.


Experiences in nature combined with cutting edge leadership development approaches and discussion are an effective way to help us realize how much we are a part of nature.

Our Nature can be a surprising and distinctive teacher, where we experience that our own accomplishments depend on looking after each other and the environment.


A former professional athlete and oil company executive, Marc Le Menestrel is a decision scientist who researches and teaches at the intersection of economic and human values.
Associate Professor at University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain), he is also Visiting Professor of Ethics at INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France).