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Thoughtful feedbacks about our sessions

Some participants to the Dreaming & Visioning sessions agreed to share what they experienced during those sessions as well as the impacts on their lives:

At a crossroads in my career, I was unsure of what I really want. Professor Le Menestrel gave me advice in the form of a dream exercise. It is a method that helped me visualize and see what my ultimate goals are. With the knowledge I gained from the dream exercise, I felt much more sure and confident in the direction I was taking. Being able to make my goal more concrete helped me to understand how to reach it. This exercise has been highly valuable for me in that it helps me to realize what aspects of a career are more important to me."
Mimi Tam

"Again, thanks for your passion (and compassion) energy and insights to the Sept HIMAC Singapore- it was a true work out for my brain and emotions."
Charles Richardson - Global Category Leader - Glass Packaging at Heineken

"I really enjoyed this [Dreaming & Visioning] session! Especially the group dialog afterwards, where we discussed what really mattered in life, what most of us included in our future vision of ourselves and our beloved ones.
This session really helped me to put things in perspective and to realize what we really care about and what really moves and motivates us.
After this session my priorities were all reshuffled, re-thinked and reorganized. Now I have a inner feeling (intuition?) when it comes to making decisions and to be sure about my life priorities.

I cannot say enough how insightful this session was. Its a real eye opener!"
Hugo Damásio - Business Development, Novabase Consulting - Lisbon, Portugal

"Marc’s session on dreaming came towards the end of a fairly intense Insead AMP course. Although slightly sceptical at first, these few hours proved to be some of the most transformative. They have given me a clarity of purpose and I know that I have a compass that I can pull out at anytime to remind me of my true North."
Harco van den Oever, Managing Director, Overstone Associates - London, UK

“The session definitely helped me in starting to organize my thoughts about my future and the direction in which I want to go. […]. The session reminds me of a quote from William Arthur Wards; The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. Marc, you inspired me to keep the dream alive !”
Jan de Laat, Managing Director, Trade & Commodity Finance at Rabobank International - London, UK

“The dreaming session that I experienced with Marc Le Menestrel helped me discover what I truly wanted out of life. I was able to confront, accept and harness the power of my own fears. After the dreaming session, I became calmer, happier and more confident as an individual. I recommend this program to anyone struggling to find his or her way in life.”