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Dreaming as a decision science.

When individuals and organisations face important decisions, a dream enriches and guides the intellect with emotion and soul. At DBI, we provide such an opportunity. We propose structured situations and places for having safe conversations, discover efficient strategies and decide practical actions.

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  • About Dream Business Institute

    At DBI, our intention is to research, propose and promote innovative learning experiences that have an impact on individuals’ and companies’ most important decisions.
    We design and facilitate processes where participants take the time to recover their own visions and dreams. We help individuals and companies to formulate what is truly important and we promote alignment of decisions, values and dreams. We empower participants to execute their decisions and we accompany them in their intention (...)

  • Marc Le Menestrel: Short Bio

    Marc Le Menestrel holds a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from INSEAD and is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Business of University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) and Visiting Professor of Ethics at the Social Innovation Center of INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France).
    A former professional athlete and oil company executive, Marc’s academic work focuses on rational behavior, the foundations of measurement and ethical business. He is especially interested in the articulation of (...)

  • Marc Le Menestrel: Accross Borders

    As a world athlete in rock-climbing, a negotiator in the oil industry, an academic scholar researching the mathematical foundations of human choice, or a teacher about values in business decision-making, I have continuously crossed borders to live my dreams and accomplish myself.
    Along the years, I became a specialist of the role of ethical values in business decision-making and I have been teaching and coaching executives across a wide range of critical topics.
    Among my preferred (...)

  • Stephane Benoist: Founding Partner

    As the founder and Managing Director of Orchid Link since 1997, Stephane Benoist has developed trust-based and long lasting relationship with his clients for which he provides high-end business advisory and financial services to help them start or develop their activities in Singapore and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
    Very much dedicated to the development of his company, Stephane has been successfully building Orchid Link as a reference financial services provider in Singapore as (...)

  • Welcome to our Newsletter!

    Thank you for responding postively to my invitation.
    I am glad to be in contact!
    Marc Le Menestrel