Dreaming as a decision science.

At DBI, we provide an opportunity for dreaming and visioning to enrich decision-making. We propose structured situations for having safe conversations, discovering efficient strategies and deciding on practical actions. You will learn to take decisions with your mind, heart and soul.

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  • About Dream Business Institute

    At DBI, our intention is to research, propose and promote innovative learning experiences that have an impact on individuals’ and companies’ most important decisions.
    We design and facilitate processes where participants take the time to recover their own visions and dreams. We help individuals and companies to formulate what is truly important and we promote alignment of decisions, values and dreams. We empower participants to execute their decisions and we accompany them in their intention (...)

  • Dreaming and Visioning

    Your rational framework at the service of your values and your dreams
    To discover new ways to take decisions.
    To learn how to connect with what is important.
    To formulate an inspirational vision of your life.
    To identify the objectives, values, supports, challenges and concrete actions that will help you to realise and live this dream.
    To find some reconciliation between your personal and professional life.
    Individuals who are curious about decision (...)

  • Fear, Failure and Dream Performance

    Dreaming performance free from fear of failure
    To increase awareness about failures and fears.
    To empower participants to manage fears and learn from failure.
    To revisit capabilities free from fear.
    To dream a transcending performance.
    Individuals desiring to discover new capabilities to perform. Individuals who want to develop their power over their fear of failing and become more resilient. Individuals who want to engage in an ambitious endeavor and want to (...)