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  • Decision and the science of experience

    Scientific research on decision making has demonstrated that reason alone is not sufficient for taking the best decisions. In a world of profound transformation, a purely intellectual approach may even crowd out our most important values and lead us to unexpected negative consequences. At the individual level, or at the company level, it is becoming a must to integrate our values, emotions, imagination and intuition into our decision making.
    Teaching to take better decisions becomes (...)

  • Impacts for individuals and organizations

    Our sessions inspire individuals to perform beyond their expectations in defining decisions.
    Been given the opportunity to reflect on what really matters, participants get a sense of greater balance and stronger integrity.
    They learn how to develop adaptability and resilience towards complex, ambiguous and transforming environments.
    Leaders of small and large organizations connect with the source of their motivation, designing aspirational visions that are aligned with their most (...)

  • In the press

    Dream your way to success, by Grace Segran, INSEAD Knowledge
    How seeing the big picture could bring success, fulfillment, By Rose Hoare, CNN